Newsletter of the Killington Section,
Green Mountain Club

This set of copies of Smoke and Blazes is donated to the Rutland Historical Society in memory of my parents, Mary and Craigue Perkins and my aunt, Vera Perkins. They conceived the idea for a Killington Section newsletter in 1948 and served as editors and publishers for thefirst several years of its existence, cutting stencils, and running mimeograph copies in our living room. They continued as frequent contributors to the publication and as active members of the Club for
over a half century. Fortunately, Dad had a packrat proclivity which I seem to have inherited. By combining his collection of Smoke & Blazes with mine, I have been able to put together this complete run of the publication.
Bob Perkins
Rutland, VT 

May 2016
Since 1999 the Rutland Historical Society has continued to collect and save every issue of Smoke & Blazes. In 2015 and 2016 Society members Clifford Giffin and Doreen McCullough scanned the entire collection and prepared it for electronic archival. Smoke & Blazes is now published in electronic as well as paper format. The society plans to periodically update the archived collection.


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Note - Vol.16 is missing.