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Mystery Woman

Can you identify the woman in this 1857 Alvah Bradish painting?

Facts indicating a possible Rutland connection: 

  1. The painting was originally acquired in the 1960's at a Rutland area auction. It graced the home of the buyer for many years and then, the home of her sister. They are from a well-known Rutland family, but are not related to the woman in the painting.
  2. The artist’s uncle, Aaron Bradish, settled in Clarendon. His daughter, Jerusha, married a Hinckley and the family was in Mendon in the 1870 census.
  3. The artist’s father, Samuel Bradish settled in New York State and the artist’s hometown was in Fredonia, NY. The uncle of the artist’s wife, Daniel Douglass, married Helen Watkins from an early Rutland family and they lived in Fredonia, NY as well as other places.
  4. In 1857 (the year of the painting), the artist and his wife purchased and moved into the home of (Rutland’s) Helen Watkins and her husband, Daniel Douglass, in Fredonia and lived there.
  5. Helen Watkins’ sister, Louisa, remained in Vermont, married William Liscomb, and settled in West Rutland.

We have additional information on Alvah Bradish, the painter, who was well known for his portrait paintings, but are focusing now on the Rutland connection and identification of the mystery woman. Do you know any of these family names?

Mystery Woman-Rutland Historical Society



Unknown Driver

This photo was taken at the Pico Raceway in 1951. The number on the car is number 4. This has been thought to be Al Romano or Steve Danish, but has been determined neither of these identifications are correct.

Do you recognize this driver, or his car?

Pico Raceway Driver