We have created these lists to help search our collections that are held only in house.


Collections:  Search by Topic   Search by Person/Family

Photos:   Search by Topic    Search by Person/Family


How to:

There are two types of Finding Aids.  The first is for collection material which could include almost anything – letters, documents, drawings, clippings, and much more.  The second is for individual photographic images.  Both types provide for searching by a topic or by a person/family name.

Topics are hierarchical (up to 3 levels) and can be reached from any of the levels.  For example, Green Mountain College can be found under Schools and Education, Colleges, and Green Mountain College.  You can get to these by clicking on “S”, “C” or “G”.  Or you can browse the index pages and go directly to the indicated page by entering the page number in the box in the toolbar on the top left of the screen and hitting “Enter”.  (Index is not available in the Photo Finding Aids.) A third way is to use the Adobe Reader search.   The Person Finding Aids work the same way, except that there is no topic hierarchy, just the name, ordered by the last name.

If you are unsuccessful with your search, it does not mean that we have no information on your topic. These aids cover a wide range of our collections, but often within many of those collections is other information that has not be cataloged.  Our records are updated periodically, but this report does not always reflect those updates. Please visit our Genealogy & Research page for more information. Thank you!

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Business Ledgers
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