Genealogy & Research

Please note that our mission, volunteers and collections focus primarily on the original town of Rutland - which today includes Proctor, West Rutland, Rutland Town, and Rutland City. Due to limited volunteers and time, we often cannot assist with county wide research, but do try to help when we are able.

For Rutland COUNTY, we created a Facebook Group "Rutland County Vermont Genealogy Network" to connected researchers who may be able to assist beyond our core volunteers and members. Join us here, and post a query! This is a great place to connect with others who may be able to help with local research.

If you need additional help, read on...

We will investigate your research query upon receipt of a written request. If sending your request by mail, please include a self-addressed and stamped envelope. Also please share with us as much pertinent information as you may have. Our researchers are all volunteers so we cannot guarantee a quick response. We will charge fifteen cents per page for any pertinent photocopies; there are no charges for digital scans. Generally, we spend up to an hour on each request, and often you will be directed to other resources.

If you would like to visit our building to search our records and collections, it is best to contact us in advance so that we can prepare as much material for you as possible. If unable to visit during our normal business hours, we can often accommodate appointments outside of these times.

We strongly suggest that you direct any questions you have by Email or use our Facebook page. The society will make every attempt to answer your questions in a timely manner. Thank you for visiting!

Here are some genealogy based resources for your own use: