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Attend a Meeting!

Our board meetings are generally scheduled the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm. They are open to the public!

Join our Board!

Contact us if you are interested in serving as a Director or an Officer! 


Barbara Giffin - President

Ron Hemenway - Vice President

Susan Carroll - Acting Secretary

Randy Brown-  Treasurer

Scott Kaufman- Board Chair


        Tom Carpenter (2023-2025)

Tom Hughes (2023-2025)

                Doreen McCullough (2023-2025) 

Carolynn Ranftle (2023-2025)

Bill Ellwood (2023-2025)


Jim Davidson (ex officio)


Mary Segale

  Membership Secretary

Liz Noyes


Our Volunteers

Building Group

an unofficial committee, this group manages our day to day operations

Our Operational Team

  • Tom Carpenter
  • Carolynn Ranftle
  • David Zsido

Collections Committee

organizes, archives, and maintains our variety of ever growing collections.

Our Collections Team

  • Ron Hemenway, chair
  • Susan Carroll
  • Scott Kaufman
  • Allan W. Kennedy
  • Corey Kennedy
  • Elizabeth Noyes
  • Carolynn Ranftle
  • Fred Remington
  • Chello Taravella

Digitizing Committee

scans & edits photos, documents, books and other material for easy sharing.

Our Digitizers


  • Doreen McCullough
  • Carolynn Ranftle

Disaster Recovery

plans and implements processes and procedures in the event of a disaster.

Our Disaster Prep Team

  • Tom Carpenter
  • Carolynn Ranftle

Human Resources

manages memberships, nominations, and recruitment.

Our HR Team



  • Tom Carpenter
  • Ron Hemenway
  • Mary Segale
  • Pat Tucker

Information Technology

emphasizing on backup and recovery, this team maintains our IT security, devices, and networks.

Our IT Team


  • Doreen McCullough
  • Carolynn Ranftle

Publications Committee

focuses on writing & editing our Society publications.

Our Publications Team

  • Jake Sherman, chair
  • Doreen McCullough

Program Committee

creates, plans & produces our events and programs.

Our Programs Team


  • Ben Burdge
  • Tom Carpenter

Research Committee

responds to inquiries about people, places and events.

Our Researchers


  • Randy Brown
  • Corey Kennedy
  • William Powers

Website Committee

is tasked to create, maintain, and update our website and social media platforms.

Our Web Team

  • Doreen McCullough, chair
  • Jim Davidson
  • Scott Ludwig
  • Carolynn Ranftle
  • Karen Sanborn