Founding Documentary History (NH-NY-VT)

Documentary History of New Hampshire

Vermont and Rutland history began in New Hampshire.  The 40 Volumes of the "The Provincial and State Papers of New Hampshire" have been scanned and are available free on Internet Archive to read and/or download.  These volumes are digitally searchable.

An online index to all 40 volumes is an excellent starting point for the use of these volumes.  Each volume has a table of contents in the beginning and an index at the end.

Index to the New Hampshire State Papers

[Listing of all 40 volumes with brief abstract and dates from New Hampshire State Papers with the link to each volume from Internet Archive]

Documentary History of New York

The Colony of New York began to challenge the right of New Hampshire to make grants in what is now Vermont. The four volumes of the Documentary History of New York provide background for the controversy, especially in volume four, from a New York point of view.

The Green Mountain Boys who opposed the New York claims did not well document their actions. However the New York victims of the acts of the Green Mountain Boys provide records of many of these events, albeit from the victim’s point of view.

Please check the "Table of Contents" for each volume. This will allow you to locate more specific information.

Vol. 1Vol. 2Vol. 3Vol. 4

Documentary History of Vermont

The early history of the New Hampshire Grants can be found in the eight volumes of Vermont’s Governor and Council. The volumes from 1777 to 1791 document the independent Republic of Vermont. Later volumes follow the political history of the State of Vermont until 1836.

Vol. 1Vol. 2Vol. 3Vol. 4Vol. 5Vol. 6Vol. 7Vol. 8


Vermont History

Genieve Lamson, “Geographic Influences in the Early History of Vermont”.

Roy Hidemichi Akagi, The Town Proprietors of the New England Colonies”. This is a detailed overview of the system of town proprietors. Chapter VII, I, 5 & 6 deal with the “New Hampshire Grants” and the New York grants in Vermont.

Samuel Williams, "The Natural and Civil History of Vermont". 2nd edition, Volume 1

Samuel Williams,"The Natural and Civil History of Vermont. 2nd edition, Volume 2

John A. Graham, “A Descriptive Sketch of the Present State of Vermont”

Zadock Thompson, “History of Vermont, Natural, Civil and Statistical, In three parts with Apendix”

Walter Hill Crockett. “Vermont, the Green Mountain State” Vol 1

Walter Hill Crockett. “Vermont, the Green Mountain State” Vol 2

Walter Hill Crockett. “Vermont, the Green Mountain State”. Vol 3

Walter Hill Crockett. “Vermont, the Green Mountain State”. Vol 4

Rutland County History

Smith, H. P. (Henry Perry), Rann, William S.  "History of Rutland County, Vermont" includes histories of individual towns in Rutland County

Town History

     F. E. Davison (Rev.), Historical Rutland: An Illustrated History .of Rutland, Vermont, from the granting of the charter in 1761 to 1911.

John C. Williams, The History and Map of Danby, Vermont.

Andrew Napoleon Adams, A History of the Town of Fair Haven, Vermont: In 3 Parts.

S.L. Peck,  History of Ira, Vermont.

Hiel Hollister,  Pawlet for One Hundred Years.

Abiel Moore Caverly,  History of the  town of Pittsford, Vt. with biographical sketches and family records.

J. Joslin, B. Frisbie, F. Ruggles, A History of the Town of Poultney, Vermont, From Its Settlement to the Year 1875..."

David C. Gale,  Proctor: “The Story of A Marble Town”

Walter Thorpe, History of Wallingford, Vermont.

Hiland Paul; Robert Parks, History of Wells, Vermont, for the first century after its settlement.


Military History

American Revolution

Rolls of the Soldiers in the Revolutionary War, 1775-1783 is a volume of payroll information for the Revolutionary soldiers of Vermont.

War of 1812

Mexican War

Civil War

Official Military and Naval Records of Rutland, Vermont, in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1866. - This work lists men credited to town; residents since the war or buried in cemeteries within the limits of the original town. Compiled by votes in the towns of Rutland, West Rutland and Proctor, by J.H. Goulding. 1889-90-91. Published in Rutland by The Tuttle Company, 1891.  Please be sure to look at the "Omissions and Corrections" on pages 98-99.

Revised roster of Vermont volunteers and lists of Vermonters who served in the army and navy of the United States during the war of the rebellion, 1861-66

Spanish American War

Vermont in the Spanish-American War

World War I

Vermont in the World War 1917-1919

Vermont in the World War [“Roster of Vermont Men and Women in the Military … “]

World War II

Korean War

Vietnam War

Middle East War


Timothy Mather Cooley. “Sketches of the Life and Character of the Rev. Lemuel Haynes”


Child's Gazetteer and Business Directory of Rutland County. – 1881-1882

Hemenway's Vermont Historical Gazetteer - (5 Volumes and Index)


Bassett, T. D. Seymour (Thomas D. Seymour), and Committee for a New England Bibliography. Vermont, A Bibliography of Its History. Volume 4

Gilman, Marcus Davis.  The bibliography of Vermont; or, A list of books and pamphlets relating in any way to the state. With biographical and other notes.

Sports History




Ed Carroll & Alfonso "Funzie" Cioffi. "THE RIVALRY" portrays the rivalry between Rutland High School and Mount Saint Joseph Academy football teams, described as "the first 60 years", ending year 1989. Foreword written by Jack Healey


Historic Architecture of Rutland County .  By the VT. Division of Historic Preservation

Infantile Paralysis in Vermont 1894-1922.

        John P. Phair: A complete history of Vermont’s celebrated murder case.  For more information read Quarterly Vol 23 No. 4.

        St. Peter Directory 1978-1979

Soldiers' Home of Vermont.  (1890)  (1893-94)  (1916-18)  (1924-26)

Vermont Prisons (Rutland and Windsor).  (1901-1902)  (1907-1908)  (1909-1910)  (1911-1912)

Lazzaro, Joan.   An Exploration of a Rutland City Neighborhood in the 1950's and "Reflections by those who lived there".

Colomb, Reggie.  Rutland Country Club: A Continuing Tradition.


Vermont Anti-Slavery SocietyAnnual Report.   Vol. 1  

Vermont Anti-Slavery Society Annual Report .  Vol. 2

Proceedings of the Free Convention Held at Rutland

Proceedings of the Vermont Historical Society (1860-1869) – Includes 1860 (Discovery and Occupation of Lake Champlain), two meetings in 1861, two meetings in 1862, and meetings in 1866 (Life of Solomon Foot of Rutland) and 1869 (Capture of Fort Ticonderoga in 1775).

Proceedings of the Vermont Historical Society (1870 – 1880) – Includes 1871, 1872 (Capture of Ticonderoga), 1876, 1878 (First Legislature of Vermont), 1880 (Fenianism and Fenian Raids) and 1882.

Collections of the Vermont Historical Society, Vol. 1

Collections of the Vermont Historical Society, Vol. 2 (Haldimand Papers)

Proceedings of the Rutland County Historical Society. Titled “1781 Rutland County 1781.”Centennial … Vol. 1

Proceedings of the Rutland County Historical Society. Vol. 2

      Vermont Life Magazine -Vermont Life magazine was a quarterly magazine, published by the State of Vermont, covering Vermont’s "people, places and culture." The state-owned magazine was founded in 1946 and ceased publication in the summer of 2018. The Society wishes to acknowledge Middlebury College and the Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing for the link to this collection.