Rutland Herald Clippings

Compiled by Morris Tucker


Note:  Each book has its own index; the page numbers refer to the typed page number, not the PDF page number. Descriptions given are not representative of the full content.


Book 120-1  - Rutland Fairgrounds, Airport and Masonic Monument, Area Church Articles.

Book 120-2  -  1761 charter of Rutland to an early house in Rutland.

Book 120-3  - The history of Christ the King Church to the Marble Savings Bank celebration, 1880-1890.

Book 120-4  - The Rutland Airport to Dr. Mead testifies in $60,000 case.

Book 120-5  - Eddy Ice to 227 Blocks and Buildings - Streets and Avenues and name changes.

Book 120-6 - Downtown Fire of 1868 to Carlene King Johnson celebrates being 'Miss U.S.A.'.

Book 120-7  - 1909 Knight’s Templar to Main Street structures of old East Rutland Parish.