Tidbits from Then and Now

# 26 Hockey News and William Pond

There is nothing new about the game of Hockey!

Recently while looking through material that is at the Rutland Historical Society a question was raised as to why six programs from the North Avenue Ice Palace of Baltimore MD were among the articles. Why in the world would the Rutland Historical Society keep programs from there? Well, it was speculated that "someone must have saved it for some reason." Upon further investigation it was found that William R. Pond, a Rutland native was a student at the University of Maryland and a member of that hockey team. It is also speculated that he must have gotten his playing background in Rutland!

Today hockey in Rutland is flourishing. Let's hope other young men can succeed in the sport as well as William Pond did over 100 years ago! I can say that without the usual "mother's anxiety" toward the sport, as my sons are all grown!

Just keep in mind, when disposing of materials saved by "someone" over the years, let the historical society decide if there might be something to be saved that will remind the future generations of how things used to be.