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"Rutland Tidbits"

Rutland Historical Encyclopedia


Rutland Tidbits

From June 10, 1999 to December 15, 2010, Helen K. Davidson wrote "Tidbits from Then and Now" for the Rutland Historical Society. The individual articles were published in Sam's Good News, a weekly free Rutland area newspaper. Below are the complete articles from Tidbits #1 - #600. The Society believes that these will be interesting and enjoyable.

To search the Tidbits, click on the link below. Then right click and select find.  Enter the search term in the upper right hand search boxPlease note that you will be able to search all of the Tidbits for your specific name or subject.

Tidbits From Then and Now

Tidbits 1-600 (June 10, 1999 - December 15, 2010) (Internet Archive)


The following Tidbits have pictures included.  We hope you enjoy viewing them.

# 35 - Sports Now and Then

# 34 - Introduction of the Automobile

# 33 - First Winter Carnival

# 26 - Hockey News and William Pond

# 23 -Father Boylan and the Building of St. Peter's Church

# 18-Rutland Cracker Company - 1883

#  6 & 9- Hookey Jackson - 1910


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