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Rutland Revitalized (1981-2010) continued

At the end of summer every year, the Rutland Fair draws the interest and attendance of many people. Although the numbers for this seasonal entertainment are not as large in a television age as in the past, the Fair still is a landmark of the Rutland recreational season.

On the other hand Rutland as a retail shopping destination has had a great rebirth with the conversion of the old railroad yard into a downtown shopping plaza which ties together the old and the new into one downtown shopping center. In West Rutland and Rutland Town additional modern shopping areas give the old Rutland community a sizeable retail economy. Rutland has been and is a prime regional location for shopping, dining and movies and live entertainment.

Rutland has lost the old smoke-belching factories of the past. The industries are smaller and more diversified. One of the largest employers is the General Electric plant in Rutland Town.

The restored Paramount Theater now offers a beautiful and historic setting for a great variety of live entertainment. Built in 1913 and opened in 1914, it was considered one of the finest theaters in New England. Today that glory has been restored. In the summer a Downtown Farmer's Market and evening entertainment complement the traditional Sunday and Wednesday evening concerts in the uptown city park.

Set at the base of one of the premier ski areas of the East, Rutland is a great place in which to live, play and work. This great quality of life in a small town-city setting is a great attraction for thousands of visitors annually.