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The mission of the Rutland Historical Society is to collect, hold, preserve and interpret historical material relating to the original Town of Rutland which today includes: Proctor, Rutland City, Rutland Town and West Rutland. Interpreting Rutland's history infers an educational sharing with Society members and the general public by whatever activities may accomplish this goal.

The Society has chosen to provide a wide range of community services to advance the knowledge of the history of the Rutland community.

The Society has used publications in the form of a quarterly magazine and a variety of books and an on-going weekly newspaper column to share and spread the knowledge of Rutland's history. (See "Publications" and "Rutland Tidbits".)

The Society also produces a monthly television program called "Historically Speaking", a cable television series on Channel 15 in the Rutland area. Current programming can be seen on streaming video from the PEGTV website. (See "Historical Moving Images" for a listing of past programs and a link to the streaming video.)

The Society's web site includes a free message board for historical queries. (See "Message Board ".)

These on-going programs are supplemented by a number of programs that are geared to special audiences or special aspects of Rutland 's history. The Society offers:

  • Speakers on historical topics for organizations and groups.
  • Walking tours for groups upon request.
  • Educational outreach to students and their teachers at the Society or in the schools from kindergarten to college.
  • Historical recorded popular music programs for groups. This includes nursing homes, senior citizen groups and any organization or group desiring to participate in our heritage of popular music.
  • Participation in major community parades by presenting an historical theme appropriate to the parade.
  • Participation in public community programs that have a place or need for a historical contribution.
  • A photo reproduction service for homes and businesses who wish to decorate and inform with local historical pictorial material.
  • Free use of a document video camera at the Society for producing videos.
  • Free consulting on archival materials and procedures.
  • Free research assistance at the Society.



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