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Rutland Historical Encyclopedia


Voter Registration List of 1867


Rutland Courier May 1, 1867


The town authority of Rutland met at East Rutland on Monday last, and at West Rutland on Tuesday , to correct the registration of voters. All citizens whose names appear on the Grand List of 1866 are inserted. Those not on that list are excluded.

Here follows the list as thus far corrected. The authority will meet again at the Town Hall in this place, tomorrow (Saturday) where those not on the list can be heard.
The Selectmen inform as that naturalized citizens, who have never voted, will not be entered on the list until after taking the freeman's oat on town meeting day. Such of those who are on the Grand List, and show their naturalization papers to the authority at their meeting on Saturday, will be allowed to vote on Tuesday next, by taking the usual oath on town meeting day. Those now on the following list, are all decided as voters and others entitled to vote, can be added tomorrow (Saturday) by personally appearing before the board at the Town Hall.

Abbott, Edward
Adams, C.E.
Adams, Harry
Aikin, Silas
Albee, H.H.
Alexander Eugene
Allen, John M.
Allen, Charles L.
Allen, Ambrose
Allen, Jehiel D.
Allen, R.E.
Allen, George
Allen, Eliphalet
Allen, Azra
Ames, Matthias
Angier, Luther
Atwell, James
Atwood, Lorin
Austin, John
Austin, Anthony
Austin, Lewis H.

Baker, Gardner M.
Baker, John
Baldwin, A.C.
Barker, Samuel
Barney, Robert
Barney, Robert B.
Barney, Horace
Barney, John A.
Barnes, William F.
Barnes, Aaron
Barnes, John E.
Barrett, James
Barrett, A. E.
Barrett, Rockwood
Barrett, John
Barrett, Silas
Batchelder, Matthew
Bateman, Horace
Bates, A.C.
Bates, Julius
Bates, Albert
Battles, Patrick
Baxter,John N.
Beach, Carlos
Beach, John M.
Beaman, George H.
Bebee, Lewis A
Bebee, Charles
Bidwell, George C.
Billings, Jesse L.
Billings, Leeds A.
Billings, Charles
Billings, Benjamin Jr.
Billings, David C.
Billings, Joseph
Billings, Franklin
Birdsall, N.T.
Bishop, Benjamin
Bissell, Aaron
Bissell, G.A. R.
Bixby, Jacob
Blackwell, Michael
Blaisdell, A.C.
Blakely, H. H.
Blakely, Marshall
Blanchard, H. L.
Blanchard, George W.
Blanchard, B. F.
Blanchard, Chalon
Blossom, H. G.
Blossom, Bennett
Boardman, Chas. G.
Boardman, Samuel
Boardman, Elijah
Bourne, M. A.
Boutwell, Edward
Bowman, John H.
Bowman, John S.
Bowen, Milo
Bruckett, J. DeF
Bragg, William
Brewer, Calvin
Brewer, Calvin, Jr.
Brewster, John B.
Brewstger, Hernry
Briggs, Edgar
Briggs, H. L.
Briggs, Levi
Brislin, Michael
Brislin, Patrick
Brooks, W. F.
Brown, John
Brown, James, 1st
Brown, James, 2d
Brown, Moses B.
Brown, Oscar
Brown, Pat'k (dist. 7)
Brown, Pat'k (dist. 11)
Brown, Dalton
Brown, Oliver
Brown, Chas. D.
Branon, Patrick
Buckley, Thomas
Buffum, Caleb
Burgen, Thomas
Burke, James
Burlingame, Cyrus
Burnett, W. H.
Burnett, W. A.
Burt, Benjamin H.
Button, George
Burr, Daniel
Burk, Thomas
Burditt, Thomas

Cain, John
Cain, John, 2d
Cain, Matt
Campbell, Avery B.
Campbell, Erastus
Canton, William
Capron, Azor
Capron, Laban
Capron, Thomas
Capron, Henry L.
Capron, Theron
Capron, Benjamin
Carroll, Jas (dist. 21)
Carroll, Patrick, 1st
Carmody, Patrick
Carpenter, Lemon
Carpenter, Cyrel
Cartin, Patrick
Carter, James
Cardell, Frederick
Cardell, E. L.
Carney, John (dist.7)
Carigan, Patrick
Carr, J. C.
Casey, Patrick
Casey, John
Cavenaugh, Michael
Cawley, Patrick
Cawley, Dennis
Chamberlin, Andrew
Chaffee, Frederick
Chamberlin, H.E.
Channel, David B.
Chandler, James B.
Channel, Charles
Chaplin, George W.
Chaplin, Geo.W.Jr.
Chase, George M.
Chase, Ben K.
Chase, Warren
Chatterton, D.S.
Chatterton, E.G.
Chatterton, Leverett
Chatterton, Jas. M.
Cheney, Lyman S.
Cheney,Thomas A.
Cheney, Benjamin
Cheney, Gershom
Cheney, Hiram L.
Cheney, Samuel
Cheney, James A.
Cheney, George H.
Cheney, Henry W.
Cheney, Spencer C.
Clark, Norman
Clark, Alanda W.
Clark, Horace G.
Clark, Reuben
Clark, Ransom
Clark, Hugh
Clark, George E.
Clark, Harmon Jr.
Clark, Charles
Clark, Michael

Dugon, Patrick
Dailey, Michael
Daley, John
Danforth, Daniel
Daniels, Luther
Daniels, Warren
Daniels, Stephen L.
Daniels, Thomas
Daniels, C. A.
Darrick, John
Darwin, John
Darvin, Patrick
Davey, C. M.
Davis, Charles E.
Davis, Andrew
Davis, E.
Davis, Nicholas L.
Davis, Zera B.
Davis, A. F.
Davis, H. W.
Davis, W. C.
Deland, Joseph A.
Dewey, C.C.
Donly, John
Dorr, S. M.
Douglas, H. B.
Doty, George
Downs, John
Downer, Perley A.
Drinwater, Warren
Duffy, Philip
Duffy, George
Duffy, Michael
Dutton, George
Dunton, Walter C.
Dunton, S.G.
Dunklee, B. F.
Dunklee, S.W.
Dunklee, Eugene
Dunklee, Abel
Dunn, J. C.
Dunn, C. C.
Durgee, Lorin T.
Durkee, James M.
Dwyer, Thomas
Dwyer, John

Eaton, Edwin
Earl, C. L.
Earl, Harrison H.
Eastman, Luther
Eastman, Frederick
Eyres, James
Eyres, James Jr.
Eyres, William
Eddy, John L.
Edgerton, Jacob
Edgerton, E. M.
Edgerton, Philip
Edgerton, Edwin
Edson, Henry O.
Edson, Melzar
Edson, J. A.
Edson, Alonzo
Elliot, M.D.
Ellis, J. D.
Ellis, John
Ellis, Charles
English, John
Engrem, John
Everts, Martin G.
Everson, William

Fales, George B.
Fagan, John
Fagan, Michael
Fagan, Peter
Farmer, A. H.
Farmer, Oliver
Farmer, B. F.
Farmer, Eli
Farmer, H.H.
Farrell, John
Farrell, Michael
Farrell, Patrick
Fay, Peter
Fenn, Gideon
Fenn, Francis
Fenn, Edward
Field, W.H.
Field, Wm. M.
Field, Henry F.
Finnegan, Miles
Fisher, Wilson
Fisher, Daniel C.
Fisher, Ira
Fisher, F.A.
Fisk, Thomas L.
Fitzgerald, John, Jr.
Fitzgerald, Jaes
Fitzgerald, John
Flagg, Edmond
Flanegan, Patrick
Flannery, Patrick
Flynn, Michael
Flynn, Barney lin, A. J.
Freeman, Albert

Gainy, William
Gaffany, Owen
Gaffany, Peter
Gaffany, James (I believe the name is Gaffney for all of them)
Galliher, Pat (dist. 18) (I believe the name is Gallagher)
Ganshion, Michael (I believe this name is Gunshannon)
Gates, Isaac
Gates, G. L.
Gates, A. L.
Garrity, Michael
George, Thomas
Gibb, E.W.
Gibson, T. O.
Gibson, Samuel C.
Gibson, Isaac
Gilson, W. J.
Gilson, T.S.
Gilson, F.D.
Giddings, S. P., 1st
Giddings, S. P. 2nd
Gifford,C. D.
Gilmore, W. R.
Gilmore, William
Gilmore, J. L.
Gilrain, Michael
Gleason, Peleg E.
Gleason, John B.
Gleason, John (Dist. 7)
Gleason, H. L.
Gleason, Daniel M.
Goodrich, Lucius F.
Goodspeed, James
Goodnow, Wm. A.
Goodnough, W. D.
Gorham, Judson
Gorham, Frank B.
Gorham, C. P.
Green, Ed R.
Gorham, Henry D
Gorham, Eli
Gould, Wm. H. H.
Goulding, J. H.
Graham, Horace
Graham, Joseph
Grandy, D. E.
Graves, J.S.
Graves, George
Graves, George E.
Grady, Thomas
Gray, Henry L.
Green, Nahum J.
Green, Dennis
Green, Hilan E.
Green, Michael
Green, Warren
Greeno, S. R.
Greeno, A. A.
Griffin, James
Griggs, S. J.
Griggs, J. G.
Griggs, Geo. H.
Griswold, Noah
Griswold, S. H.
Griswold, E. L.
Griswold, Franklin
Grooms, B. F.
Grout?, W. S.
Guilford, W. S.
Gurny, John
Before I start, to backtrack a bit. Under the letter "E" were
James, James,
Jr. and William Eyres -
not a name I have seen. Perhaps it could be Ayres, Hehir, or
Haher or

Hall, John
Hall, Charles
Hall, Henry
Hale, F.S.
Hale, J. F. F.
Halpin, John
Harkins, Patrick
Harney, Michael
Hanley, Gilbert
Hanley, John, 1st
Hanley, James, 1st
Hanley, John 2d
Hanley, John, 3d
Hardy, James
Hardy, R.G.
Harger, Luther H.
Harlow, L.W.
Harkness, Edward
Harkness, William
Harmon, James E.
Harmon, Henry
Harris, J. B.
Harrison, James
Harrison, John
Hamilton, John
Hart, George W.
Hartshorn, E.J.
Harwood, E.V.N.
Hascall, Elisha
Hascall, Joseph
Hascall, Ralph H.
Haskins, George W.
Hastins, G. Worthy
Hathaway, Geo. C.
Hathorn, Laban
Haven, Joel M.
Hawley, Andrew
Hawley, A. H.
Hawley, Henry
Hawks, Moses
Haynes, B. H.
Haynes, Hiram
Haynes, John J.
Hays, Nathan
Hays, John
Hayward, E.
Hayward, Ira M.
Hayward, Samuel
Hayward, Moses
Hazleton, Jason
Hazleton, J. H.
Hewitt, Robert
Henry, Sylvester
Henderson, David
Higgins, Thomas
Higgins, Newman
Higgins, James
Higgins, John
Hill, Charles
Hill, Arthur G.
Hilliard, Daniel
Hilliard, miner
Hilliard, Charles L.
Hinckley, Henry
Hinckley, Edward
Hinckley, Aaron
Hutchinson, John
Higgins, Thomas
Hinckley, James
Hitt, C.S.
Hogan, Patrick, 1st
Hogan, Andrew
Holcom, S.T.
Holden, Jesse H.
Holden, R.C.
Holden, H. C.
Holly, Earl
Holly, John
Holman, Osgood
Holt, Paul
Hopkins, F. W.
Homer, E.W.
Houghton, A. R.
Howard, John
Howard, Leland
Howard, Nathan G.
Howard, Judson N.
Howard, Emery H.
Howard, Roger T.
Howe, Porter
Howe, George E.
Howley, Nicholas
Hubbard, S.F.
Hunt, Henry G.
Hulett, Josiah A.
Humphrey, A. B.
Humphrey, R.S.
Huntoon, John E.
Huntoon, Charles
Hurley, Jerry
Hurley, John
Hurley, Patrick
Hutchinson, P.H.
Hutchinson, John
Hynes, John

Inman, Charles
Irish, Haswell
Ingraham, Henry

Jackson, Cornelius
Jackson, Henry
Jenks, Norman
Jenness, S. D.
Johnson, Cyrus
Johnson, Nahum
Johnson, A. F.
Jones, William
Jones, Sylvester
Joyce, C.H.

Keep, Alexander
Keenan, Thomas
Kellogg, Loyal C.
Kellogg, Newton
Kellogg, Elmer
Kellogg, Daniel
Kelly, James
Kelly, Luke
Kelly, Daniel, 1st
Kelly, Daniel, 2nd
Kelly, L.S.
Kelly, Alonzo
Kelly, Smith F.
Kelly, Francis
Kelly, Thomas
Kelly, Hugh
Kelly, Patrick
Kelly, John 1st
Kelly, John 2nd
Kelly, Michael
Kelly, Patrick
Kendall, Justin, Jr.
Kennedy, James, 1st
Kennedy, James, 2nd
Kennedy, Patrick
Kennedy, Chris
King, George A.
Kinsman, Charles C.
Kinsman, Henry P.
Kinsman, Rush R.
Kinsman, William
Kivelin, Peter
Kivelin, Thomas
Kennedy, John
Kennedy, Michael
Kenny, Andrew
Kenyan, James
Kenny, L.D.
Kent, Warren
Kenyan, Matthias
Kershaw, Thomas
Keyes, Harley
Kilburn, John B.
Killerlain, John
Kimball, Joseph

Ladd, Almond A.
Lampman, Benj. N.
Lamson, Truman
Landers, John
Landon, Manelloy H.
Landon, Walter C.
Lansley, John
Larton, L. T.
Larkin, James
Lewis, E.C.
Lewis, N. B.
Lewin, Charles
Lee, George B.
Lincoln, George
Lincoln, William
Lincoln, Paris
Littlefield, J. A.
Liscomb, W. H.
Lisbon, Jerry J.
Little, Joseph
Long, Clark
Long, Jacob
Loomis, Lyman F.
Londrigan, Timothy (probably Lundrigan)
Lyman, Milo H.
Lyman, Isaac
Lynch, T,1st (dist. 7)
Lynch, T, 2d (dist. 7)
Lynch, John
Lynch, Stephen
Lynch, Patrick, 1st
Lynch, Pat'k (dist. 18)
Lyon, Dennis, 1st
Lyon, Thomas
Lyon, Dennis, 2d
Lyston, Edward
Lyston, John A
Lyston, James

Malady, Thomas (could be Meleady)
Mack, Michael
Magan, John
Maher, Daniel
Maher, Michael
Mahoney, Bryan
Mahoney, Martin
Mahoney, Michael
Maloney, Thomas
Malhoit, John P.
Manly, Joseph E.
Manly, Thomas D.
Manly, Madison S.
Mangan, Andrew
Mangan, Thomas
Mangan, Owen
Manley, Albert F.
Mansfield, George R.
Mann, Charles B.
Marsh, S. D.
Marshall, Benj. W.
Maroney, John
Mason, Lester
Mason, Edward J.
Matthew, Barth'l'w
McBride, Patrick
McBride, Michael
McCall, W. W.
McCarty, Owen
McClure, D. G.
McConnell, James
McCormick, Edward
McCormick, J (dist. 7)
McCormick, J. (dist. 19)
McCormick, Thomoas
McCormick, Owen
McCue, Terry
McCune, James
McDaniels, Isaac
McDeed, Barney
McDeed, Andrew
McDeed, John, 3
McDermont, Thomas
McDeed, Patrick
McDonold, James
McDonough, Martin
McDonough, Mich'l
McDonouhg(sic), Jas. 2nd
McDonough, Patrick
McGary, T. (dist. 21)
McGary, T (dist. 7)
McGrath, James
McGuirk, James
McGuirk, Matthew
McGuine, Dennis
McGuine, Zerry
McGuine, Bart
McGuine, James, 2d
McIntyre, John
McLaughlin, A.
McLaughlin, John
McLaughlin, P, 1st
McLaughlin, P, 2d
McLaughlin, Thos.
McLean, James K.
McMahen, Thomas
McMahen, Patrick
McMahan, Thos. 2d
McNamara, John
McNany, Patrick
McTierny, Bryan
Mead, Joel M.
Mead, Horation
Mead, Rollen
Mead, R.R.
Mead, Andrew J.
Mead, Elijah
Mead, Moses
Mead, John A.
Mead, Elijah
Mead, George B.
Mead, Eugene
Mellen, Nelson
Merriam, Samuel
Merriam, E. N.
Merriam, W. P.
Merrill, James O.
Merrill, James
Merrill, George
Merriman, Andrus
Merritt, Benjamin J.
Meyerhoffer, V.C.
Miller, T.H.
Mills, Malcomb
Mills, Whipple
Mitchel,W. H.
Monehan, Robert
Monehan, Dennis
Monehan, Thomas
Monday, James
Mowry, Francis
Moran, John
Moran, Michael
Morgan, David
Morgan, Arthur
Morgan, Hiram
Morgan, Vanness
Morse, Willis
Morse, George
Morse, Lucius
Morse, Edmund
Morrison, Patrick
Mortrom, Patrick
Mortrom, John
Mortrom, Moses
Morton, Lee
Moulthrop, Robert
Moulton, C.C.
More, W. H.
Mulheren, Patrick
Mulheron, Martin
Mulheron, Thomas
Mulqueene, Dan
Mullen, Patrick
Mumford, Charles
Mumford, Patrick
Mumford, George
Munroe, R. G.
Murphy, Morris
Murphy, John, 1st
Murphy, John, 2nd
Murray, John
Murray, Patrick

Nagle, Michael
Nagen, John
Nary, James
Nelso, Edgar
Newton, Marcellus
Nichols, Elisha
Nicholson, Dennis
Nims, Rufus
Nims, Supply
Noble, Smith
Nolan, Edward
Northrop, Benjamin
Norton, Michael
North, A. E.

O'Brien, Daniel
O'Brien, Timothy
O'Brien, John
O'Brien, Cornelius
O'Brien, Martin
O'Brien, William
O'Brien, Cornelius 2
O'Gara, Thomas
O'Heron, Patrick
O'Holloran, George
O'Neal, Edward
O'Neil, Michael
O'Rourke, John
O'Shea, James
Olmstead, Charles
Oney, David
Onion, W.W.
Orcutt, Alanson, A
Ormsby, Thomas J.
Osgood, P. K.
Osgood, David
Otis, John M.
Owen, Wm. H. B.
Owens, Patrick

Page, W. F.
Page, N. F.
Page, S. F.
Page, Jacob
Page, John C
Paige, Daniel E
Page, John B
Pain, H. H.
Palmer, George H.
Parker, W. F.
Parker, Samuel
Parkhurst, C. A.
Parkhurst, S. W.
Parsons, W. L
Patch, J. S.
Patch, R. N.
Patch, John
Patterson, Robert E.
Patterson, James
Paul, George W.
Peabody, R. S
Peck, C. A.
Peck, George W.
Pearson, Joseph
Pennock, E. M.
Perkins, R. S.
Perkins, Charles
Perkins, H. O.
Perkins, M. J.
Pindus, Henry
Perry, P. W.
Perry, James M.
Peverley, S. D.
Phillips, Clarkson
Phillips, Alanson
Pierpoint, Evelyn
Pierce, Nathan
Pierce, Darwin C.
Pierce, A. S.
Pierce, Lorenzo
Pierce, Levi
Pike, John
Plummer, Charles
Plaisted, E. C.
Plaisted, Elisha
Pond, E. A.
Pond, B. W.
Pooler, James W.
Pooler, Amasa
Porter, James E.
Porter, Cyrus
Porter, Henry W.
Porter, James B.
Posat, James E.
Post, A. H.
Potter, Charles W.
Potter, Phillip
Powers, Daniel M.
Powers, Charles I.
Pratt, Joshua
Pratt, Sanford A.
Pratt, Fred N.
Pratt, Bradley
Pratt, Henry L.
Pratt, Moses
Pratt, Wright
Pratt, George
Pratt, Albert
Pertchard, H. G.
Proctor, J. B.
Proctor, S. W.
Proctor, Redfield
Proat, John
Putnam, J. M.
Putnam, S. G.

Quinlean, Patrick
Quow, James R.
Quow, John
Quirk, Michael
Quinn, John
Quinn, Michael

Race, Andrew
Rathbone, Harry
Randall, J. J. R.
Randall, Charles G.
Rand, C.C.
Rawly, Matthew
Rawly, John
Reckord, Theophilus
Reed, Augustus
Reed, James M.
Reed, Daniel
Reed, James
Reed, Enos C.
Reed, Heman B.
Reed, Edwin
Reed, Gideon R.
Reed, John
Reed, Wm. H.
Reed, Wm. H., jun
Redding, John
Reardon, Jerry
Reardon, Patrick
Reardon, John, 1st
Ressegue, Alexander
Reynolds, Morris
Reynolds, John B.
Reynolds, A. B.
Reynolds, Edward F.
Reynolds, H. I.
Rhody, Michael
Rice, Christopher
Rice, Wm.
Rice, John
Richardson, Clark F.
Richardson, Mark
Richardson, John S.
Riley, James, Dist. 21
Riley, Philip
Riley, Thomas, 1st
Riford, Nelson E.
Riford, Lazarus
Riford, Samuel W.
Ripley, Wm. Y.
Ripley, Wm. Y. W.
Ripley, Edward H.
Ripley, Chas. H.
Rising, Frederick
Rix, Wm.
Roche, Lawrence
Robbins, O. L.
Robbins, Thomas C.
Robinson, Frank
Rock, James
Rooney, John
Rooney, Michael
Ross, Augustus
Ross, Chas. E.
Ross, James
Ross, Zidon E.
Ross, Martin
Royce, Geo. E.
Royce, L. E.
Rowell, S. W.
Rowell, John S.
Rounds, E. M.
Rounds, Chas. M.

Sabin, John
Sabin, E. F.
Sage, James
Salisbury, John A.
Sanders, Whipple
Sanderson, Ellis
Sanderson, A. E.
Sanderson, Thacker
Sargent, G. F.
Savery, Aaron
Sawyer, Stafford
Sawyer, Geo. A.
Seaver, Norman
Seager, Alonzo
Severance, Alfred
Seward, Geo. W.
Seward, W. H.
Shannon, Patrick
Shattuck, J. S.
Shattuck, John
Shattuck, Frederick
Shedd, F. W.
Shehan, Thos.
Sheldon, John A.
Sheldon, Harley G.
Sheldon, Lorenzo
Sheldon, Chas.
Sheldon, Chas. H.
Shepard, E. F.
Sheridan, James
Sheridan, Stephen
Sheridan, Bart
Sherman, Edson
Shippy, Geo.
Simonds, N. P.
Aimonds, Andrew
Slader, O. L.
Slatery, Patrick
Slatery, John
Slason, Francis
Slason, W.W.
Slocum, V. P.
Smith, Warren II
Smith, Thos.
Smith, Henry
Smith, Daniel
Smith, Elijah W.
Smith, Timothy
Smith, Marshall
Smith, Henry H.
Smith, Geo. L.
Smith, Dennis
Smith, Darwin H.
Smith, Leonard, B.
Smith, James H
Smith, Clark W.
Smith, Ralph H.
Smith, S
Smith, Hiram A.
Smith, Wm. F.
Snow, Nathan H.
Southwick, Edward
Southwien, I. M.
Sawles, Hansom
Spaulding, John R.
Spaulding, Richard
Spellman, Timothy
Spencer, A. F.
Spencer, G. D.
Spooner, Geo. D.
Squiares, Daniel W. (sic)
Squaires, E. H.
Stafford, John E.
Stanly, John
Staley, Stephen
Stapleton, Patrick
Starr, Timothy
Stearns, N. S.
Stearns, E. L.
Stearns, Geo. M.
Stearns, Ephraim
Stevens, Moses
Stewart, Patrick
Stewart, A.
Stewart, Wm. H.
Stillson, Henry L.
Stinson, J. F.
Stratton, Calvin E.
Stratton, Marcella
Stratton, Charles A.
Strong, John
Strong, Edson
Sullivan, Marty
Sullivan, Timothy
Sweet, Stephen
Sweeney, John

Taylor, Hills
Taylor, James
Telon, Patrick
Telon, Thomas
Telon, Patrick jun
Terrill, Samuel
Thomas, Eugene
Thomas, Orrin
Thompson, C.A.
Thompson, James
Thompson, John C.
Thornton, J. C.
Thayer, Alvah B.
Thrall, Geo. C.
Thrall, Reuben. R.
Thrall, Wm. B
Thrall, Chancey
Thrall, Rollin C.
Tigue, Patrick
Tilly, Bennett
Tilter, Michael
Todd, Ruel
Tower, Joseph
Tooley, Patrick
Travers, Barney
Travers, John
Travers, Patrick
Tully, Michael
Tuttle, Geo. A.
Tuttle, Albert R.
Tuttle, John S.
Tuttle, Henry D.
Tuttle, John H.
Tyler, E. L.

Valiquette, Benj.
Vaughn, Fayette
Verder, Daniel Verder, Geo. H.
Verder, H. L.
Veazey, W. G.

Wolcott, W. M.
Wallace, Patrick
Walker, L. M.
Ward, Artemas
Ward, Luke
Ward, A. W.
Ware, Austin W.
Ware, George
Ware, C. E.
Warner, Seth
Warner, B. F.
Warren, A. W.
Watkins, Richard
Watkins, A. S.
Waterhouse, Charles
Waterhouse, Harvey
Whitcomb, Epraim
Whitcomb, Volney
Whitcomb, L. L.
White, Alonzo
White, L. C.
Whitney, Abraham, Jr.
Willard, Josiah
Wilkinson, Dan A.
Williams, Amox
Williams, Alvin H.
Williams, Othnial
Williams, Russell
Williams, John
Waters, Patrick
Weeks, Newman
Weeks, H. F.
Weeks, E.A.
Weeks. Luther O.
Welch, Michael
Welch, Thomas
Welch, Patrick
Welch, James
Welch, Michael 2
Welch, William
Welch, John
Wells, Erastus
Wells, John C.
Whitcomb, Daniel
Whitcomb, Wm.
Williams, Cato
Williams, S. P.
Williams, Chauncey
Willis, George W
Willson, Z. V. K.
Wing, David
Wing, Daniel
Winn, Morgan
Winters, Thomas
Woolcott, O. N.
Woolcott, J. W.
Wood, Nathan
Wood, Edwin H.

Young, O. D.
Young, B. F.



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