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The Society will investigate your research query upon receipt of a written request. Please include a self-addressed and stamped envelope. Also please share with us as much pertinent information as you may have. Our researchers are all volunteers so we cannot guarantee a quick response. We will charge fifteen cents per page for any pertinent pages copied. The society will do up to an hour of research for a free will donation. If your request requires more than an hour of time we will advise you. In many cases you will be directed to other sources.

We strongly suggest that you direct any questionsyou have to Email - or use our Facebook  page. The society will make every attempt to answer your questions in a timely manner. Many of our members and non-members often offer their assistance in answering any genealogical or historical queries.

  [ Essential Genealogical Work]

Abbey Maria Hemenway, The Vermont Historical Gazetteer - (5 Volumes and Index).

        Abby Maria Hemenway collected the following volumes in the late 19th Century. The contributions may vary in quality as they come from many local historians. However, much of the material comes from people who physically knew the early settlers of their town. The material was originally published in small magazine style collections. Later this material was collected into five volumes. Some material was lost to a fire. In 1923 an index volume to all five volumes was published by Herbert Denio and others. That volume appears first and should indicate where you might find the name or names you seek. The index even indicates the column as well as the volume and page. The names in the index often give the name of the town for each name. This can be very helpful when dealing with people who share the same name. In many cases there is other information such as the name of a wife or the listing of an occupation. This is a very important resource for Vermont genealogy. In spite of the fact of the uneven quality and the missing towns, this resource is an essential for Vermont genealogy.

Index to the contents of the Vermont historical gazetteer.

Volume Number One.

Volume Number Two.

Volume Number Three.

Volume Number Four

Volume Number Five.     Go to for a typescript of Volume Five organized by town.


PowerPoint presentation presented at the League of Local Historical Societies & Museums  Annual Meeting 10/15/2016

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Research Tips


Have you made use of the SEARCH function?  We recommend that you use only a last name in your search.  It, of course, will bring up many items that will not fit your search, but will avoid missing the person you want because that person used initials rather than a full first name.  You may also find brothers, sisters, or cousins that may help your search.



A great aid in finding people in 18th century (1700's) Vermont are Volumes 8 - 11 of the State Papers of  Vermont, which contain local petitions from the years 1778-1799. The State Papers of Vermont can be found in most major libraries. 

Each volume has a name index and each petition is dated. Thus, you can place a person (mostly adult males) in a certain town at a certain time.  In many cases this is the only existing record which can give this information.



Thousands of books are available to read or download to your computer. Search for “internet archive”. Select “internet archive”. Select “texts”. In the search box (above left) type in “Rutland, Vermont”. This will give you a long list of rare and out-of-print books related to Rutland’s history. Select a book. To read one, select “read online” on the left. Use arrows on right above to turn the pages. Enlarge by using zoom on left above. Select “PDF” to download a searchable PDF file. To download click the“save” icon on the toolbar (second icon on the left) and select a location or folder on your computer to store the download.


You can also go to “advanced search” to the right of “go” and enter a keyword(s) to search. For example, how many family genealogies can you find by searching for your family name? The more you explore and search these texts the more you will be struck by the wonder of it all.    


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