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Pine Hill


Pine Hill Pond ca, 1903 Pine Hill Pond, ca. 1954

PINE HILL is located on the high ground in the northwest section of what is now Rutland City . In its early history the eight-acre Pine Hill Pond was an area for boating and fishing. The area was a great location for the hiker and later for the photographer who wished to capture an overview of the growing City of Rutland . Pine Hill Pond later became known as Rocky Pond. A small pond next to Rocky Pond is known as Muddy Pond. There is reason to believe that the two ponds were connected in the past.

In 1922 the City of Rutland established a stone crusher on Pine Hill to take advantage of the rock available for crushing for use on the streets of Rutland before the use of contemporary paving processes. By 1933 the crushing operation had ceased and its buildings deteriorated. In 1952 a community effort, led by the Rutland Chamber of Commerce, and Rotary, Kiwanis and Exchange clubs and many volunteers as well, built a beach, bathhouse, picnic tables, parking lot and a road to the pond. The area was opened to the public in 1954. But after a drowning and much off-season vandalism, the rehabilitation project was abandoned at the end of the 1957 season.

Today the Pine Hill area near the Pond has been developed into a complex of well-marked mountain bike and hiking trails maintained by the Rutland Recreation and Parks Department.

Jim Davidson

Rutland Historical Society


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