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 Important Notice:   For each of the listed resources, please consult the "Table of Contents" for an overview of chapters


Documentary history of New Hampshire

Vermont and Rutland history began in New Hampshire.  The 40 Volumes of the New Hampshire State Papers have been scanned and are available free on Internet Archive to read and/or download.  These volumes are digitally searchable.

An online index to all 40 volumes is an excellent starting point for the use of these volumes.  Each volume has a table of contents in the beginning and an index at the end. 



Index to the New Hampshire State Papers 

[Listing of all 40 volumes with brief abstract and dates from New Hampshire State Papers with the link to each volume from Internet Archive]


Documentary History of New York

The Colony of New York began to challenge the right of New Hampshire to make grants in what is now Vermont. The four volumes of the Documentary History of New York provide background for the controversy, especially in volume four, from a New York point of view.

The Green Mountain Boys who opposed the New York claims did not well document their actions. However the New York victims of the acts of the Green Mountain Boys provide records of many of these events, albeit from the victim’s point of view.

Please check the "Table of Contents" for each volume. This will allow you to locate more specific information.


Documentary History of Vermont

The early history of the New Hampshire Grants can be found in the eight volumes of Vermont’s Governor and Council. The volumes from 1777 to 1791 document the independent Republic of Vermont. Later volumes follow the political history of the State of Vermont until 1836.



Rolls of the Soldiers in the Revolutionary War, 1775-1783 is a volume of Vermont revolutionary payroll information. It is an important research tool for identifying the Revolutionary soldiers of Vermont. It is indexed and also digitally searchable.   

Genieve Lamson, “Geographic Influences in the Early History of Vermont”.

Roy Hidemichi Akagi, “The Town Proprietors of the New England Colonies”. This is a detailed overview of the system of town proprietors. Chapter VII, I, 5 & 6 deal with the “New Hampshire Grants” and the New York grants in Vermont.

Samuel Williams, "The Natural and Civil History of Vermont". 2nd edition, Volume 1.

Samuel Williams, "The Natural and Civil History of Vermont. 2nd edition, Volume 2.

John A. Graham, “A Descriptive Sketch of the Present State of Vermont”.

Zadock Thompson, “History of Vermont, Natural, Civil and Statistical, In three parts with Apendix”.

Walter Hill Crockett, “Vermont, the Green Mountain State”. Volume 1

Walter Hill Crockett, “Vermont, the Green Mountain State. Volume 2

Walter Hill Crockett, “Vermont, the Green Mountain State. Volume 3

Walter Hill Crockett, “Vermont, the Green Mountain State. Volume 4

H. P. Smith and W. S. Rann ed.   “History of Rutland County, Vermont”.   Includes histories of individual towns in Rutland County.

David C. Gale, “The Story of A Marble Town”.

Timothy Mather Cooley, “Sketches of the Life and Character of the Rev. Lemuel Haynes”.

Vermont Anti-Slavery Society Annual Report .   Volume One

Vermont Anti-Slavery Society Annual ReportVolume Two

Proceedings of the Free Convention Held at Rutland.

Proceedings of the Vermont Historical Society (1860-1869) Includes 1860 (Discovery and Occupation of Lake Champlain), two meetings in 1861, two meetings in 1862, and meetings in 1866 (Life of Solomon Foot of Rutland) and 1869 (Capture of Fort Ticonderoga in 1775).

Proceedings of the Vermont Historical Society (1870 – 1880) Includes 1871, 1872 (Capture of Ticonderoga), 1876, 1878 (First Legislature of Vermont), 1880 (Fenianism and Fenian Raids) and 1882.

Collections of the Vermont Historical Society, Volume 01.

Collections of the Vermont Historical Society, Volume 02 (Haldimand Papers)

Proceedings of the Rutland County Historical Society. Titled “1781 Rutland County 1781.”Centennial … Vol. 1.

Proceedings of the Rutland County Historical Society. Vol. 2.

Revised roster of Vermont volunteers and lists of Vermonters who served in the army and navy of the United States during the war of the rebellion, 1861-66.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of Rutland County. – 1881-1882.

Infantile Paralysis in Vermont 1894-1922.

Vermont in the Spanish-American War.

Vermont in the World War 1917-1919.

Vermont in the World War [“Roster of Vermont Men and Women in the Military … “]

Soldiers' Home of Vermont.  (1890)   (1893-94)     (1916-18(1924-26)

Vermont Prisons (Rutland and Winndsor).   (1901-92)   (1907-08)   (1910-11)   (1911-12)

Abbey Maria Hemenway, The Vermont Historical Gazetteer - (5 Volumes and Index).

        Abby Maria Hemenway collected the following volumes in the late 19th Century. The contributions may vary in quality as they come from many local historians. However, much of the material comes from people who physically knew the early settlers of their town. The material was originally published in small magazine style collections. Later this material was collected into five volumes. Some material was lost to a fire. In 1923 an index volume to all five volumes was published by Herbert Denio and others. That volume appears first and should indicate where you might find the name or names you seek. The index even indicates the column as well as the volume and page. The names in the index often give the name of the town for each name. This can be very helpful when dealing with people who share the same name. In many cases there is other information such as the name of a wife or the listing of an occupation. This is a very important resource for Vermont genealogy. In spite of the fact of the uneven quality and the missing towns, this resource is an essential for Vermont genealogy.

Index to the contents of the Vermont historical gazetteer.

Volume Number One.

Volume Number Two.

Volume Number Three.

Volume Number Four. 

Volume Number Five.







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